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PostSubject: Guest   Mon Dec 29, 2008 9:47 am

Name/Characters (If server transfer, name on the last server is required) Jetnix

Jobs(Main and secondary characters [70+] you need at least 1 75 job) blm, smn, whm, brd, rdm, pld, rng, nin, mnk, thf, sam, drk

Max HP/MP 4/4, STR 5, Katana 8, GK 4, evasion 4, Parrying 4, enfeeb
magic 8, elemental 8, Crit. 4, blm ice potency 5, thunder potency 5,
freezeII 2, BurstII 2, phalanxII 3, slowII, ParalizeII, DiaIII,
Sentinel Recast 5, Guardian, Chivalry, Store TP 5, overwhelm, Subtle
blow 3, Kick Attack Rate 3, Protectra V, Shelltra V.

Sea Access: yes

Sky Access: yes

Dynamis - Xarcabard Access(If no, please say which clears you have): mostly all cept cop dynamis

Previous LS and Server(And reason for leaving is required):Xchroniclesx (odin) over populated server

Endgame experience: HNM ground sea to sky

Your Timezone and playtimes: CST mostly on after 5pm cst

notes you would like to add: I wana join an Endgame LS with nice ppl
and do Lots of event like dynamis, sea, to HNM and more. i also play with my
friends alot like Syedali we duo some NM sometimes.

Gear: All HQ elemental Staffs, Blood Cuises, Loquacious Earring, enfeeb
torque, Kirin osode, Byako Haidate, Moldavite Earring, Shura Haidate,
Brutal Earring, Suppanomimi, Bomb Quen Ring, Rajas Ring, Boxer Mantle,
Swift Belt, Flame Gorget, Koenig Handschuhs, Koenig Schaller, Optical
Hat, Othinus Bow, Ungur Boomerang, Soboro Sukehiro, Yingyang Robe,
Summoners Bracers, Summoners Pigaches, Zenith Slacks, Zenith Mitts,
Zenith Crown Rampparee Harness, Valor Gauntlets, Sieryu Kote, Blood
Finger Gauntlet.

Why you want to join MegaLickser LS to explore and upgrade my FFXI gaming experiance

A little bit about you and your in game goals ^^:b make more friends and lots more and have fun with them
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PostSubject: Re: Guest   Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:31 pm

Application under Review we will get back to you shortly
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Posts : 421
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PostSubject: Re: Guest   Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:05 pm

Hi im sorry but your application was not sucessful due to your playtimes are way past are events and HNM camping good luck on your search for a LS.
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PostSubject: Re: Guest   

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