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 Applications Open!! Please read!!!!

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PostSubject: Applications Open!! Please read!!!!   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:31 am

Applications are open to Dedicated people who want to do well and progress as a group.

And know things take time and alot of hard work in this game.
Good playtimes is also a must as HNM can pop early.

Just because Our times are EU we are looking for people of all

We are looking for people who can play the following times:

10.30am GMT-11pm GMT
11.30am CET -12pm CET
7 am EST- 7PM EST

Below are a list of times Zones if you feel you can play in our times feel free to make a application.

Central standard time (CST) = GMT-6
Central Daylight Time (CDT) = GMT-5

Eastern Standard Time (EST) = GMT-5
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) = GMT-4
Hong Kong is GMT+8

All Schedule events will run in the evening on EU times.

We are experienced players and are doing events such as Sea, Sky, Dynamis, Limbus, Einherjar and HNM.

and communication skills are a must for any linkshell to do well you
must have good communication skill and the ability to listen.

We like to keep the ls drama free after all this is a video game we are all here to have fun so enjoy yourself.
We are a friendly linkshell and have no time for elitist attitude or Loot whores.

you feel you can become a part of our team and attend 80% of events.please read on to see a list of
events we will be doing.
Events start 8pm GMT/3PM EST with exception of HNM.
weekly schedule is below for evening Events.

Monday ZNM/KSNM99
Tuesday Dynamis
Wednesday Einherjar/Limbus
Thursday Freeday
Friday Dynamis
Saturday Einherjar/ Limbus
Sunday Sea/Sky/farming/gods/Jailers

HNM will take priority if HQ King, Cerberus, Khimaira or Tiamat is due to pop but events will be worked around them.
Once we have smaller events taken care of we will move onto other events such as Salvage and (Baha v2, Ouryu,etc).

If you are accepted you will begin a 2 week trial period to see your
behaviour towards the LS, when you are on the trial period you will not be able to lot so please Dont ask if you can.

What do we expect from trial members?

* To have at least 2 75 jobs.(Mage job must be 1 of them)

* Sky and Sea access.

* At least access to Dyanmis - Beaucedine.(if possible but not essential)

* Active members this isn't a linkshell for weekenders Loot whores or ppl that cry about gear -.-.

* To make MegaLickser your only Linkshell

* To have good teamworking skills

* To come to events without needing to be told or ask.

* Previous HMN experience.(if possible but not essential)

* Check forums regular

Drops will be done on event basis with separate ruling for each event.


system for HNM drops is too hard to use effectively so will be decided
by leaders at the time of item dropping taking into account of a number
of factors
One being attendance to events.

HNM events are Mandatory.


Leaders will decide drops based on attendance and wishlist.
event isnt mandatory but the killing of Ultima & Omega is. Please
note only people who farm this event can lot and obviously if you want
something from limbus you will be expected to farm.

Sea and Sky

Again this will be decided based off attendance and wishlist.
This event isnt mandatory but the killing of Gods in Sky and the outside Jailers will be mandatory.
Please note only people who farm this event can lot and again if you want something from SKY or SEA you are expected to farm.


Will use a points list.

This event is mandatory


Attendance ,Wishlist

This Event is Mandatory

And Finaly Our Code of Conduct All members must follow!!


linkshell's aim is for little or no drama at HNM camps, respect your
linkshell and others with no /say or /shouts when camping HNMs.
This also applies for online forums no flaming etc as this reflects on others in the ls.


Attendance is a big part of a successfull linkshell so please attend events as much as possible.
This is a full time linkshell and we expect you to be there for all mandatory events and on time.

Missing a mandatory event will be frowned on and noted.

If a HNM is up if you are not there camping already you will be expected to drop whatever you are doing and come to the camp.

People who don't come are just wasting everyone's time and this will not be accepted and will result in you being removed.

Other Linkshells

As we are a busy linkshell you will be expected to make this your only ls.

We need this in place as we may need to get hold of you quickly.

No Ls hopping

If you can not follow the simple rules you will be Removed from the Linkshell.

Ls Leader Brennan

Sack Holders are Tyee/Jokers/Hodgins/Reafr/Rennin
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Applications Open!! Please read!!!!
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