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 Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)

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PostSubject: Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:06 am

Hi just a little note, I am friends with Rinoas and Laucion who also applied to the shell I am in the same ls as them


Roaringhedgehog/Quetzy(Current)/Bismarck(1st server)


75RDM(now main)75NIN 75BST
Subs/Jobs@37 or higher WAR/RNG/MNK/DNC/WHM/BLM/DRK/THF


RDM 8/8 Enfeeble
2/5 Earth Acc
1/5 Phlanx2
1/5 Para2
5/5 Slow2

NIN 1/5 Subtle Blow
8/8 Katana

BST 2/5 Call beast timer
1/5 Reward timer
3/5 Beast Affinity
4/8 Axe

1/8 Mp
4/4 Crit hit
1/4 +Enimity

Sea Access:


Sky Access:

Yep ....Need AN + Bv1


All city wins and also Valkrum + Glacier win, Xcara acsess

PreviousLS and Server:

Quetzy: Insurection ls broke we killed all HNM's bar Ixion did Einjar, Dyna, Sky, Sea, Limbus, and ide like to carry on doing HNM/events and atm Quetzy is in a sorry state for this atm and no other real EU based shells, was also in the flock all BST/SMN linkshell which I moved from Bismarck originally to join here on Quetzy. We did Sky Sea and also killed Jormy and attempted Tiamat as all BST/SMN the leader quit the game and the shell disbanded.

Bismarck: I was in a Endgame/Sky shell, Hands of Fate and also Manifest Destany, found it hard for most of the time due to NA based event times with HoF and left MD to join the flock on quetzy even tho it was a EU based shell <.<.

Endgame experience:

Killed Fafnir/Nidhogg, Adamtoise/Aspid, Behemoth/KB, Tiamat, Cerberus, Khimera, Jormy, I have also done ZNM versions of Cerb/Hyda/Kim, have done Einjar also sadly I was not in the alliance when we fought Odin due to not having enuff feathers but I have T1,2,3 experiance.

Your Timezone and playtimes:

I live in Leeds England GMT, I work afternoon shifts 1:30pm till 7:30pm and am almost always on the game when I am not at work, normally from 8-10am till 1:30PM and 7:30pm till 1amish depending on events or partys etc.... Weekends I am on after work on sats from 2:30pm till 1amish or later and sundays 8/9amish till 1am ish all day basically <.< lol

Additional notes you would like to add:

I also did Salvage as main RDM for around 5-6 months and managed to get various drops most notably Skadi feet completed and 2/3 Skadi legs. I have other 15lvl drops for other sets and Skadi too. I have 2/4 Boss wins overall but have fought all Boss in Salvage.

Notable Gear:

RDM af (not dyna relic lol)hat+1, Zenith head, hands, legs and feet, Advocat pighes all Elemental grips from ZNM, HQ staffs > Apollo, Pluto, Aquillo, Neptue, Terra, Austre, Brutal earing, Loq earing, Boxer mantle, Kitty pants, Nfeet , Nhands, Shura head, Dlegs, Efeet, Adama head, Skadi feet, 2/3 on skadi legs, Joyeuse, Full yigit set, full bst relic af, Koga mail, Koga legs, Koga feet, Rutter feet, Swift belt, Master caster braclets, Goliard legs, Raja ring , Ultham ring, , -1 RDM hat , -1 RDM feet, Senjiuinriko, Perdu blade, Hocho (cooking katana lol), Fire bomblet, Lu-shang fishing rod, Tatami sheild, Enkidu legs hands and body, Aurum hands, legs and feet, Skotes, Suzy feet, genbu head and sheild, Okotes, Suppa, Wturban.. and lots of other nq/HQ gears for sets and such....

NIN- I have Fire set (160+) Eva set, DD set, Enimity sets and a Haste set, capped Katana/Dagger/Eva, Parry @164
RDM- Enfeeble set, 324 Enfeeble skill total, Mp set/Convert set, working on a full MND and INT set atm, All magic skills capped except Divine >.>, Sword@239, Dagger@230(capped from NIN)
BST - Charm, DD, Tame, Mp sets, caped Axe, Scythe@170

Why you want to join MegaLickser LS:

Your a EU based shell your events are at a time where I can attend :D, also Rinoas and Laucion applied from my shell Insurrection and they recomended I check out your site and you look like a nice relaxed but dedicated shell which seams like a fun place to be.

A little bit about you and your in game goals :

I enjoy playing the game very much, I like to keep failry busy with events but also enjoy spending time crafting, exping with friends and helping my friends achive things. I always like to try do my best eaither in a exp party mission or hnm fight, I am always willing to learn new ways or try new things and also listen and follow orders as best I can. My in game goals are mostly completed for the most part of what I originally wanted from the game, which was originally lvl BST to 75 solo and have a craft at 100(Which I have Cooking 100) having done this I wanted NIN then RDM @75 (lol...) and also wanted to get Fishing @100 (atm72 ;p), I now would like to lvl MNK, COR and RNG to 75 in no order lol.

I have Cooking @100+5 (+2 from guild items, hat and apron, +3 from hocho katana, Raw fish, Pattisier and Noodle Needling. Fishing skill is 72+2(waders) 10K guild points away from my apron for Fishing too, Alchemy@60, Cloth@52, Wood@44, Gold@27, Smith@25, Bone@35, Leather@33... I also have a lvl 72+1 Clothcraft mule, a lvl 72 Wood mule and have 2 more mules with lvl 80+Cloth and 98 Cooking (friends accounts who quit these last 2).. yes I love crafting :P

As for other things in game I want to experiance as much in the game as possible. I have always wanted to be part of a EU shell which did things I wanted(HNM/Dyna/Limbus/Sky/Sea/Einjar...) sadly these shells are few and far between... :(. I am a dedicated shell member and I dont have problems helping others over myself this gives as much satisfaction as achiving my own goals.

I hope this is all the info you need, if not please add ask and I shall do my best to suply the answers to any additional questions or queries ;). thanks you for the time in reading and considering my app.
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PostSubject: Re: Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:37 am

hi Nice App ^^ Goodluck
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PostSubject: Re: Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:07 pm

Heya ^^ application accepted please let me know when you plan to move.
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PostSubject: Re: Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:35 pm

Hi :) thanks for reading and accepting my app. For me the same as Rin and Lau want to help try get a members relic finished on sat evening so all being well sunday morning/dinnertime i can swap over.... Oh I forgot to mention I am Galka.... lol :P I didnt see a non-Galka section in your ls rules ;;.

I also noticed you have ZNM in your event section, I have a Tyger pop almost completed (Think I need 1K or so more zeni to buy the actual pop) and I also have Tinnin Fang <.< lol.

Hope to see you all soon :)

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PostSubject: Re: Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)   

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Roaringhedgehogs App (server transfer :P)
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