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 fue's application

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PostSubject: fue's application   Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:15 am

Name/Characters (If server transfer, name on the last server
is required)
Fueyen, still on ifrit

Jobs(Main and secondary characters [70+] you need at least 1 75 job)
75 war, rdm, blm,
I have drk, nin, sam, whm levelled as subs.

general- 3 in mp, 2 in great axe, 8 in enfeebling, 4 in elemental magic and 3
in critical hits.

war- 3 in beserk recast, 4 in aggressor recast, 1 in double attack, 2 in
warriors charge.

blm- 1 in ice magic, 1 in lightning magic, 1 in freeze2 and 1 in burst2.

rdm- 5 in convert recast, 2 in ice magic acc, 2 in earth magic acc, 1 in wind
magic acc, 1 in slow2, paralyze2, phalanx2 and bio3.

Sea Access:
I have completed cop missions. and the stuff after zilart and cop.

Sky Access:
I have completed the zilart missions

Dynamis - Xarcabard Access(If no, please say which clears you have):
i have beaten all dynamis zones except valkrum and tav safehold.

Previous LS and Server(And reason for leaving is required):
thespecialists on ifrit, theyre a good eu shell and i would still be there, but
i have a personal reason for comeing to this server.

Endgame experience:
beaten all sky gods, all sea jailors except av, beaten limbus mega bosses a
number of times, khim and cerb. done salvage a couple of times and einherjar.

Your Timezone and playtimes:
i live in the uk, and my play time is from about 5pm until 11 or 12 during the
week and weekends i am online all the time.

Additional notes you would like to add:
working up through nyzul isle now, and decideing what job if any to level next.
if i am accepted will it be ok for me to join at the start of next month?

Notable Gear:
rdm - All duelist gear except for the legs, enfeebling torque, all hq staves,
altruistic cape, warlocks chapeau and tabard +1, loquacious earring.

war - hauberk +1, byakkos haidate, osode, genbus kabuto, flame ring, brutal
earring, rajas ring, foragers mantle, perdu volgue, swift belt, also have all
war af2 except for the legs.

blm - uggy pendant, elemental torgue, serket ring, snow ring, vicious mufflers,
rostrum pumps, magnetic earring.

Why you want to join MegaLickser LS
i am looking for a good, no drama eu endshell on siren, i looked through bg
website and useing google found you guys^^

A little bit about you and your in game goals ^^:b
as i said im moveing to siren for a personal reason, im an easy going person, i
like teamwork, ill turn up to all events
because i like to think i can help the ls im in achieve things. i have
3 well geared jobs that i dont mind playing. i like war the most but i
will come to ls events as what im needed. as for in game goals i would like to
fight more hnms and help people get their gear. i would like to join your ls
becausei have done some research on the bg forums and useing google to find
decent eu shells, and yours seemed the best^^.
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PostSubject: Re: fue's application   Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:30 am

Thank you for your application we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Posts : 421
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PostSubject: Re: fue's application   Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:42 am

I'm sorry you application was not accepted at this time.Good luck on your search for a linkshell^^
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PostSubject: Re: fue's application   

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fue's application
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