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 Lenex's App

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PostSubject: Lenex's App   Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:27 pm

Character: Lenex

Jobs: WAR 75 NIN 75 I've got SAM and THF sub and if you guys use NIN/DRK for anything I'll be more than glad to level that up.


HP 8/8
STR 5/5
Great Axe 8/8
Axe 2/8
Sword 2/8
Taking SAM up so I'm trying to save space for GK merits
Critical Hit Rate 4/4
Enemy Critical Hit Rate 4/4
Berserk 2/5
Aggressor 2/5
Warcry 1/5
Double Attack 5/5
Warrior's Charge 5/5
Tomahawk 1/5
Savagery 1/5

No merits on NIN yet, just dinged 75 a few weeks ago.

CoP - Complete
Zilart- Celestial Nexus

Completed up until Xarcabard and only need Qufim from dreamland ares.

Linkshell History:

PerfectDodge- Dynamis
TheDeepEnd- Limbus
Invincible- Sky
Miscreants- Einherjar

I have no experience with HNMs unfortunately, I've done quite a bit of sky and know my way around very well, I've done many Dynamis runs so I know how they work as well as Limbus.

I live in EST timezone and can be on anytime from 3pm-12am (later if needed)

WAR gear

Byakko's Axe/Fortitude Axe/Maneater/Joyeuse/Fire Bomblet/Walahra
Turban/Adaman Celata/Genbu's Kabuto/Peacock Charm/Snow Gorget/Assault
Earring/Suppanomimi/Brutal Earring/Askar Korazin/Hauberk +1/Hecatomb Harness/Dusk
Gloves/Warrior's Mufflers/Hecatomb Mittens/Ulthalam's Ring/Rajas
Ring/Blood Ring/Flame Ring/Amemet mantle +1/Warwolf Belt/Swift
Belt/Byakko's Haidate/Warrior's Cuisses/Dusk Ledelsens/Hecatomb

NIN gear

I don't use TP gear on NIN its mainly evasion gear. Even if I do I would only use it in merits. Ungur Boomerang/Optical Hat/Evasion Torque/Evasion Earring/Suppanomimi/Scorpion Harness/Seiryu's Kote/Rajas ring/Ulthalam's ring/Boxer's Mantle/Scouter's Rope/Swift Belt/Koga Hakama/Byakko's Haidate/Dance Shoes/Fuma Kyahan

I just want ONE good Linkshell that is smart about handling events instead of the many ones I have right now.


Just want some gear for my WAR; for NIN I don't need much. Other than that I just want to have fun and keep on doing events in game.
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PostSubject: Re: Lenex's App   Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:01 pm

I referred him here, even though we are mainly looking for Mages there is not a better non E Body melee i would want in here bar this guy, I have done many events with him and personally see his gear advance over the last year, hes a very good player who can pick up anything you ask of him very quickly. Has a vote for me, unsure how much it matters due to my junior-ness in the LS, haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Lenex's App   Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:52 am

Hey Lenex very nice app, Unfortunatly we have no place's in the ls for WAR or NIN atm ; ; so im sry but your application was unsuccessful at this time.


75RDM, 75BLM, 75NIN, 75MNK
Sig made by Brennan
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PostSubject: Re: Lenex's App   

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Lenex's App
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