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 The One They Call Krinx's Application!

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PostSubject: The One They Call Krinx's Application!   Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:36 am

Name/Characters (If server transfer, name on the last server is required)

Krinx (Siren Server Onry)

Jobs(Main and secondary characters [70+] you need at least 1 75 job)

75 SMN WHM BLM RDM BRD (I'm mage only, it's what I do, but I'm beginning the process of leveling melee jobs in pursuit of my Maat's cap)

Merits: Oh boi...... Well I currently have 563 Merits. Job specific merits are capped for each job with the excpetion of BRD since it was my last 75. Other category, magic skills, weapons skills are fully merited/capped.

Sea Access: Yes

Sky Access: Yes

Dynamis - Xarcabard Access(If no, please say which clears you have): lolXarcabard, easy day, all dynamis' completed minus the dreamworlds and tav.

Previous LS and Server(And reason for leaving is required): Started with MerlinsMagic, left to pursue endgame as it was social only, went to Nineworlds for endgame, shell broke when leader called it quits and started playing WoW^^, From there I went to RocDynasty, left because I saw the greed of Xsquallx and the way he favored his friends when it came to gear drops, from there I went to Hagakure with a RL buddy that serves in the Navy with me, I got deployed in support of the war and when I returned the shell was social. I then remade the LS that Cecilee spoke of, DHX and we continued to do endgame, recently made the shell social due to lack of committed players. I was minding my own business on BLM yesterday killing puddings when I saw this lolhume BLM named Tyee, we started chatting and it resulted in this app^^

Endgame experience: As a result of the shells I've been in I've killed everything with the exception of Vrtra and AV, got Vrtra down 39% and wiped, never fought AV. (Consider the new HNMs with Wings of the Goddess, haven't fought those.)

Your Timezone and playtimes: EST timezone, I play all day when I'm on, I'm due to separate from the Navy this Halloween so my play time will increase^^

Additional notes you would like to add: Have fun, it's a game!

Notable Gear: See me in action, Gear don't make the player imo, Skill > Gear^^

Why you want to join MegaLickser LS: Because Tyee paid me gil! (j/k)

A little bit about you and your in game goals ^^:b See above, lol. Navy deployment blah blah blah^^ In game goals right now is simply to get Maat's cap and some salvage and einherjar gear.
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PostSubject: Re: The One They Call Krinx's Application!   Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:05 pm

Lol Krinx very nice app, got my vote for sure goood


75RDM, 75BLM, 75NIN, 75MNK
Sig made by Brennan
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PostSubject: Re: The One They Call Krinx's Application!   Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:18 pm

hi Application accepted please see myself or a sack in game for a pearl.
Welcome to the ls.
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PostSubject: Re: The One They Call Krinx's Application!   

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The One They Call Krinx's Application!
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