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 Zodiakk (Application)

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PostSubject: Zodiakk (Application)   Sat Sep 27, 2008 1:17 pm

Character: Zodiakk

Current Server: Diabolos

Jobs: Lv.75 - WAR SAM RDM

Jobs 37+ Lv.50 NIN Lv.41 DRG Lv.44 BLM Lv.45 BLU

Currently Levelling: DRK which is Lv.31


WAR - Double Attack 5/5 / Great Axe +4 / Axe Skill +6 / Great Katana +2 / Critical Hit +4 / Enemy Critical Hit +2 / Evasion x4

SAM - Shikokyo

RDM - Dia III / Paralyze II / Phalanx II / Spell Interruption Rate +2

General Merits - HP x2 / MP x2 / STR +3 / DEX +2

Area Access:

Sky - Yes

Sea - Yes

Dynamis Wins - Bastok, Jeuno, Sandy, Windy, Beaucedine

Previous LS / Server: Co-Leader of Necromancers ran by Lex on Diabolos Server.

End-Game Experience:

ALL Sky Gods Multiple Times, Limbus, Einherjar & Dynamis

Timezone & Playtimes:

Timezone - GMT

Playtimes - Work in a 2 week Shift pattern as follows;

Week 1 - Working MON TUE FRI SAT SUN Can be either the Nightshift or Dayshift

Week 2 - Working WED THUR again either Nightshift or Dayshift

So basically get 5 days off to play 1 week, then only 2 the next.

Additional Notes:

Love all aspects of End-Game, looking forward to joining an already established linkshell, and experiencing Sea, HNM and furthering my experience within the game.

Lexetron has told me great things about your linkshell, that all the members are friendly and most of all welcoming :D

I currently have Alchemy Lv.71

Also have a secondary character called Qutopius which is RDM & WAR 75.

Notable Gear;

AFv2 - WAR Head, SAM Hands

AF+1 - RDM Head

Sky Gear - Kirins Osode, Byakko Haidate, Seiryu's Kotes, Genbu's Kabuto, Shura Zunari Kabuto, Shura Haidates, Adaman Sollerets, Adaman Celata, Zenith Slacks, Zenith Crown, Crimson Greaves, Crimson Finger Gauntlets, Hecatomb Leggins.

Other Misc - Brutal Earring, Loquacious Earring, Suppanomimi, Various Phom Aqu Subligars, Swift Belt, Sorboro, S-Skythe, B-Axe.

Probably some not listed.

In-Game Goals: Looking forward to experiencing further end-game events as said above, not motivated by obtaining gear (Although always a bonus) as much as making friends, and most of all having fun!!

If accepted i'll be looking to transfer servers to Siren on Friday 3rd October or around that time.

Many Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon!

Zodiakk ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Zodiakk (Application)   Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:12 pm

Hiya application excepted send myself or a sack a tell when you come over.

Welcome to Megalickser awsome
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Zodiakk (Application)
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